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Map Your Thoughts With Freemind - page 2

A Mass of Conflicting Impluses

  • August 30, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

It's always been a struggle for me to get started writing a new story. It's easy to be excited and see the big picture, but how do you quickly get down into the details and produce something tangible... on deadline. Hmm, sounds just like a new process.

I thought using Freemind to get started on this story might be a good way to illustrate how you can use the program. You'll be able to see how it works and then transfer the techniques to your project.

You'll need to have Java on your machine before using Freemind. As usual, SUSE Linux 9.2 took care of me and supplied Java version 1.4.2. Freemind isn't installed in 9.2 by default so I used YAST to load version 0.7.1 from the SUSE DVD. The project's web site has downloads for various other distributions.

Once installed, I simply typed freemind at the command line. Then I clicked on the File tab and opened a new Freemind map.

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