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Map Your Thoughts With Freemind - page 4

A Mass of Conflicting Impluses

  • August 30, 2005
  • By Rob Reilly

Once you have the basics down, Freemind let's you get more sophisticated with your mind maps.

For instance, writers usually want to connect the end of their stories back to the beginning, to make the whole piece coherent. I could do that in my Freemind Story map by holding the Shift and CTRL keys down, while left clicking and holding the mouse over my Going Further node. I could then drag a link back up to the Lead Paragraph node. A nice curved arrow was created to remind me to tie my story together.

You can use the feature for connecting nodes in your process together as well. If you ever want to remove a link, just right click on it and select the Remove menu item. You can also change the link style and color, using this technique.

If you happen to be an XML guru, you'll be delighted to know that Freemind's file format is just that. It's not much of a stretch to think that you probably could even write some scripts to interact directly with the Freemind file.

With all the idea generation and shuffling around of the map content completed, you can then either print the map or save it as a Freemind .mm file. No doubt, the team will want to download and install Freemind for their own use. They can then use it to view your mind maps.

For more mass consumption, you can publish your mind maps on your Web server, using the server-side Freemind browser plug-in. Figure 4 shows my article mind map in the Java-enabled Konqueror browser. Download the plug-in, put it in your server directory and add the path to your map into the freemindbrowser.html file.

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