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Using VNC Tunneling over SSH - page 4

Temporary Access

  • January 30, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

I've just touched on the basics of using VNC over an SSH tunnel. SSH has a huge number of options that you can try.

Admittedly, this way of looking at a remote display has it's drawbacks. Latency, network bottlenecks, and other factors can conspire to give a jerky screen-viewing experience, even using the built-in compression. For the purpose of creating tutorials while watching user interaction with an application it is perfectly adequate. NoMachine has an SSH/VNC client/server suite with specialized compression that is supposed to produce very smooth screen movements. The NoMachine package might be worth a look for your particular situation.

Also, poking a port 22 hole in a firewall may not be the best way, either. It is fast and fairly easy for a quick look at a user's screen. It's a workable solution when you are dealing with a small business client who's running a common store-bought firewall/router appliance. Consult with your corporate network admin if you need to go across the Internet to distant machines, on a regular basis. They will surely have processes in place, to help you with your needs.

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