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Generation LinuX, Part 1--The Basics - page 3

Who's Teaching Kids About Computers?

  • March 13, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

To make the most of our computer learning opportunity, parents must get rid of all of the traditional frustrations from the past.

Generation LinuX Tip #5 - Use Easy To Install Linux Distributions

As mentioned before, distributions like SUSE, Ubuntu, and Mepis load without much fuss and walk the new user through the complicated spots. These versions start running in no time and put the user into a regular desktop, right out of the box. Branching out to more challenging distros later on depends solely on your child's initiative and desire.

Generation LinuX Tip #6 - Provide the Best Practical Computer Hardware

If you have the cash, get them a late-model mainstream machine that's fast and reliable. No need for the absolute cutting edge because the latest hardware frequently has driver stability problems.

It's painful to watch a kid fidget when they have to wait three minutes for KDE to load on a worn-out, 10-year-old desktop relic.

On the other hand, using older and slower machines help a kid learn patience. Everybody complains that kids are fixated on instant gratification. Slow machines are a subtle way to curb that habit.

Generation LinuX Tip #7 - Streamline Your Stand-Up Routine

Showing a feature or doing a demo of an application is a difficult art. Gloss over an important detail and your child could be completely lost after you've left the room. Give too much detail and your little techno-worker will quickly become bored and lose interest.

You might want to watch how deeply you go into a topic. I know plenty of techies that ramble on for 10 minutes about some minute detail and totally lose sight of what will be useful to their audience. I'll admit that I'm guilty of doing it. Occupational hazard, I guess. Awareness and practice help improve prioritizing of details.

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