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Generation LinuX, Part 1--The Basics - page 4

Who's Teaching Kids About Computers?

  • March 13, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

After the basic terminology is mastered and roadblocks to learning are removed, it's time to start putting Linux and Open Source Software to use solving problems. The last topic I briefly want to cover is a tool that will help the youngster find answers: the web browser and search engine combination.

Linux distributions have a number to choose from including Firefox, Mozilla, and Konqueror. There are others, too.

Generation LinuX Tip #8 - Start Teaching Web Research Skills Early

How to use the Web to research topics is a very important skill for your child to learn. One of biggest problems everyone faces today is finding the relevant information that helps you make progress in your project. Essential Web search skills seem to go largely neglected in a most kid's computer education.

Perhaps your child is interested in audio recording. Show them how to search for Open Source audio recording programs. Point out the big Linux/Open Source Web sites, like Linux Today or NewsForge. Plug Linux into the Google News page and then talk about the results that are returned. Have your kid expand their searching skills to find other types of information (not just computer tech details).

Don't forget to have them add search-skill commentary to their personal how-to notebook.

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