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Who's Teaching Kids About Computers?

  • March 13, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

Linux and OSS offers a rich tool box for kids to learn about computers.

More importantly, it is readily available and adaptable to just about any problem solving or business situation. Everything is built-in and barriers to entry are non-existent, other than lack of initiative and application of effort.

In this series I've started with a few pointers for the basics. We'll work our way up from here.

The next article will go into suggestions on use of the Web browser, search engine combination to find information.

Helping kids understand how computers fit into the big picture, while effectively using the technology to get the job done, is the whole point of this series. The day will soon come when they will need to be confident with that understanding. Parents are the key ingredient in the mix.

Rob Reilly is a consultant, commentator, and writer. His company solves client problems, in a variety of business & technology areas. He is also a Contributing Editor for Linux Today. Send him a note or visit his Web site at http://home.earthlink.net/~robreilly.

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