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Making Your Terminal into a Desktop - page 4

The Value of Screen

  • March 16, 2006
  • By Jem Matzan

It is possible to view high-resolution images from the terminal. To accomplish this, you'll need the ZGV package. Most GNU/Linux distributions do not have this installed by default, so you'll have to use your package manager to find and install ZGV and its dependencies.

Once the program is installed, you can type in zgv to start a graphical file browser and image viewer, or you can pass it a file argument using this syntax:

zgv filename.jpg

Where "filename.jpg" is the name (and location, if the file is not in the directory you're currently in) of the graphic you want to view.

Jem Matzan is an experienced electronics technician, freelance technology journalist, and the editor-in-chief of The Jem Report, Entertainment in Review, Hardware in Review, and Software in Review.

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