April 26, 2019

Generation LinuX, Part 2--Web Research

Web Research Skills are Important

  • March 30, 2006
  • By Rob Reilly

Every kid should learn that invaluable skill of finding information on the Web. Mentoring, books, magazines, and other resources provide phenomenal content to today's kids. Better make sure that they can tap that huge information gold mine known as the Web.

In spite of the Web's ubiquity and pervasiveness, I'm troubled that many kids have not learned how to take advantage of this tremendous tool. It sounds silly. Some kids think a browser's URL address box and Google are the same thing. I know adults who have that problem, too.

Nobody gets around to showing a kid how to effectively use the Web. Web research is a participation sport. They can't get in the game if they don't know how (or why) to play.

Cable, DSL, and phone providers promote their super high-speed networks. Retailers push their multi-Gigahertz desktops and laptops. Both claim that their products help kids with school work. Infinite information at their fingertips... fast.

I guess using the Web is so simple, no instructions are needed. Right?

Learning Web research skills is a great way for parents and their kids to spend time together. Parents can teach surfing skills, while keeping an eye on what their little tykes view. By example, kids naturally follow a parent's lead like Web site choice, key word selection, wholesome content, etc. Such an opportunity for both parties.

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