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Dealing with SIGHUP

  • June 16, 2006
  • By Carla Schroder

The Bash shell contains a kill built-in command, as this shows:

$ type -all kill
kill is a shell built-in

kill is /bin/kill

It's unlikely you'll encounter any conflicts or odd behavior, but if you do try specifying /bin/kill.

Be sure to further check out the fascinating and large world of killing in Linux by consulting the references in Resources, because this is your ticket to making nice surgical repairs instead of rebooting every time you have a problem, like some poor crippled operating systems we know.


  • Chapter 7 "Starting and Stopping Linux", the Linux Cookbook
  • bash (1) - GNU Bourne-Again Shell
  • yes (1) - output a string repeatedly until killed
  • signal (7) - list of available signals
  • ps (1) - report a snapshot of the current processes
  • kill (1) - send a signal to a process
  • killall (1) - kill processes by name
  • pkill (1) - look up or signal processes based on name and other attributes
  • skill (1) - send a signal or report process status
  • xkill (1) - kill a client by its X resource

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