April 18, 2019

Getting Free Long Distance, Part 1 - page 2

Something For Nothing

  • June 22, 2006
  • By Carla Schroder

Free World Dialup (FWD) is a free central directory service that lets you easily find and connect to other VoIP users. You may connect either with an IP phone, or your Asterisk server. FWD supports both voice and video transmissions.

Warning: The FWD Website has a rather irritating habit of opening every page in a new browser tab. On the other hand, you may like this. At any rate, you have been warned.

Connecting your Asterisk@Home server to use FWD is fairly simple. First you register for a FWD account, then configure your server, and then you're ready to make and receive calls. Remember, this is a VoIP service only�it does not give you access to the PSTN.

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