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Getting Free Long Distance, Part 1 - page 3

Something For Nothing

  • June 22, 2006
  • By Carla Schroder
Registration is pretty simple, but there are a few little gotchas. The first one is finding the registration page�click the "Learn More" tab, then click the "Quick Start Guide" link. After you are signed up, click the "Extra Features" link in your account and activate IAX. This is how you set it up to use your Asterisk server. Keep hitting the "Submit" button until it says "Congratulations, your changes have been successful." For any changes you make anywhere in your account, be sure to look for a confirmation before moving on.

You may also want to fill out your user profile. This has useful options like opting out of marketing emails, and selecting whether you want your listing to be public, or unlisted.

Fire up AMP. Start with Setup -> Trunks -> Add IAX2 Trunk. Under "General Setting", set "Outbound Caller ID" to your FWD number, or people will see only your extension number.

Now go to "Outgoing Settings." The "Trunk Name" can be anything; it should be descriptive so you know what it's for, like "FWD."

"PEER Details" are just like this example, except you must substitute your own username, which is your FWD number, and password:



"Incoming Settings" needs to have these entries:

USER Context: iaxfwd 

USER Details



"Register String" is username:secret@iax2.fwdnet.net. Using our example from PEER details, it would be 123456:bar@iax2.fwdnet.net.

Click "submit changes", then go to Outbound Routing -> Add Route. Name it FWD.

Enter 393|X as the dial pattern, though this can be any number you like. 393 spells FWD on your dialpad. This is your Free World Dialup dialing prefix.

Select "IAX2/fwd" as the "Trunk Sequence," click "Submit Changes," then click the red APPLY changes bar at the top of the page.

Finally, make sure you have the FWD public key installed. Log into Asterisk server on the command line and take a look:

# ls /var/lib/asterisk/keys/
freeworlddialup.pub  iaxtel.pub  voicepulse01.pub

And there it is. If it isn't there, this means you have an old version of Asterisk@Home. Either upgrade, or get the key from downloads.fwdnet.net/freeworlddialup.pub.

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