June 18, 2018

Do Automated Cross-Platform Network Backups The Easy Way, Part 2 - page 3


  • June 27, 2006
  • By Carla Schroder

On Debian it's as easy as falling over: apt-get install backuppc. The installer will give it a minimal configuration, a startup file, and create a dedicated "backuppc" user. You may indulge in instant gratification and fire up the Web interface at http://[hostname]/backuppc. Log in as the "backuppc" user with the password created by the installer. (You did make a note of this, didn't you?) Now you can cruise the log and configuration files, and check status, which at this point is a big ole zero.

Change the default password with htpasswd:

# htpasswd /etc/backuppc/htpasswd backuppc [new password]

Then all you have to do is edit the two configuration files, /etc/backuppc/config.pl and /etc/backuppc/hosts.

The only RPMs I could find are for Trustix and Mandrake. On Red Hat/Fedora and other Linuxes, you're probably better off installing from sources. Just follow the instructions in the user manual.

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