March 22, 2019

Can't Code? Squash a Few Bugs - page 3

Bug Hunt

  • July 17, 2006
  • By Carla Schroder

See Resources for some Horrid Examples of how not to write bug reports. Gnome's Bugzilla Helper includes forms to help you include the correct information. You should include:

  • Operating system and version
  • Program name and version
  • Whatever behavior makes you think it's a bug, and the steps you take to trigger it
  • Any pertinent error messages

Sometimes that is all you need. If the developer needs more information they'll ask. Or you may get a request to move the bug report somewhere else. You might be told that it's not a bug, but the way the program was designed to operate. If that's the case you can always visit the developer's list for the program and nicely discuss your issue directly with the developers.

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