April 24, 2019

Overhauling CUPS: Pushing Windows Printer Drivers

The Easy Way: Buy The Right Printer

  • July 27, 2006
  • By Carla Schroder

Network printing is a leading cause of high blood pressure and premature hair loss in our long-suffering network administrator demographic. Fortunately, the FOSS world, as usual, does its best to mitigate our suffering. Today you shall learn how to use CUPS and Samba together to set up automagic client printer installations. That's right, my hardworking friends, none of this dashing about to individual workstations burdened with driver disks and Windows CDs. The goal here is to never leave your snug underground lair.

Please note that today's topic is only about printers. I know you're dying to figure out how to share your multi-function devices, so that all your LAN hosts can scan and fax. We'll get to this in a future article, especially how to share scanners, because that is something you can do in Linux that you can't do in Windows.

In my ideal environment, all printers would have native networking and administration utilities. Samsung and HP both have a lot of printers with Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and networking support. You can get a nice network-ready (wired and wireless) Samsung color laser for under $500, which is a lot more fun and less work than running a separate printer server.

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