April 25, 2019

Point-and-Click Linux LVM Filesystem Workstation Backup, Part 1 - page 4

Taking Advantage of LVM

  • May 24, 2007
  • By A. Lizard

Create a directory for the backup content somewhere convenient. Put the following scripts / icons / html content there. I used /home/username/knoppix-mod .

This is the rsync backup script. Change source and LVM volume name where appropriate and destination to match the actual system. Ordinarily, the boot partition is going to be on a non-LVM partition, probably type ext3.

-------- cut
# /usr/local/bin/rsync_backup-LVM.sh - moved to knoppix
# # rsync LVM backup script, Copyright 2007 by A.Lizard
# This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; 
# This is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU
# information on permitted use and copying at the following URL: 
# http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt

# Change device IDs and LVM IDs to match your setup.
echo "mounting boot backup"
# omit vgchange -ay if not using for LVM filesystem
vgchange -ay
mount /dev/hda1 /media/hda1
mount /dev/hdd1 /media/hdd1
rsync -aHlvu  --progress /media/hda1/ /media/hdd1
umount -l /media/hda1
umount -l /media/hdd1
echo "boot_backup complete"
# non-LVM filesystems, use actual mount points, not LVM mount points
mount /dev/terrarium/root /media/hda5
mount /dev/terrarium-back/root /media/hdd5
echo "mounting root filesystem:"
rsync -aHlvu  --progress /media/hda5/ /media/hdd5
umount -l /media/hda5
umount -l /media/hdd5
vgchange -an
echo "backup complete"
-------- paste

Set up the icon by right-clicking the Desktop and selecting "Link to Application," right-click the icon to open Properties and name the icon start-rsync-mirror. Click the Application tab and enter start-rsync-mirror in the Name field. (Note: if you are doing this for a non-LVM filesystem--omit the LVM part of filename.)

Type the command:

sudo sh /cdrom/rsync_backup-LVM.sh

Now copy the file to /home/username/knoppix-mod.

In Part 2 of this article, you will find the dar backup script and icon setup, the backup GUIsetup, how to get them into a Knoppix .iso, and how to backup and restore.

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