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Point-and-Click Linux LVM Filesystem Workstation Backup, Part 2 - page 3

dar Backup Script and Icon Setup

  • May 31, 2007
  • By A. Lizard

Save the following as backup.html



<body text="#00FF99" bgcolor="#000000" link="#00CC00" vlink="#9999DC" alink="#FFD0FF"><basefont size=3>


<h2><center>Choose Backup Type</center></h2>

<font size=-1>Information on this page and scripts by A.Lizard, not by the Knoppix Project. Use at your own risk. All files contributed © 2006 by A.Lizard, and licensed under the terms of GPLv2 now, GPLv3 as of when that license becomes available.</font>

<p>Once you start a backup, you'll get a "do you really want to execute" prompt, click yes.

<p>Then, a terminal window will appear on your screen. When you see the password prompt, just hit the <b>Enter</b> key.

<p>For either backup script, once you see the words "backup complete" on screen, you're done. Close the terminal window, shut down the computer, and if you used a backup mirror drive rack, unplug it and put it away after shutdown.


<table><tr><center><h3>Rsync Drive Mirror Backup</h3></center></tr>

<tr><td><a href="/cdrom/start-rsync-mirror.desktop"><img src="drive2drive.gif"></a></td><td>Is the mirror drive plugged in and turned on? If not, go to the abort backup link below, shut down the computer, plug in/turn on the mirror drive, and reboot.</td></tr>

<tr><center><u><a href="/cdrom/start-rsync-mirror.desktop">Start Drive Mirror Backup</a></u></center></tr>



<tr><center><h3>Dar DVD Archive Backup</h3></center></tr>

<tr><td><a href=figure-6.png"/cdrom/start-dar-archive.desktop""><img src="drive2-dvd.gif"></a></td><td>This creates a backup volume set of DVD-sized (4G) backup files

<p>Do you have enough free space on the HD for a set of files that's about 1/3 of the space your current files take up? If yes, continue with the backup. If not, go to abort backup below, open a terminal, and clear some space.</td></tr>

<tr><center><u><a href="/cdrom/start-dar-archive.desktop">Start Dar Archive Script</a></u></center></tr>



<h3><center>Abort Backup Before Starting</h3>


<tr><td><a href="home.html"><img src="home.gif"></td><td>Abort Backup must be activated <b>before</b> the backup starts. If a problem develops during the backup, see below.</td></tr>

<tr><center><u><a href="/cdrom/index.html">Abort Backup - Return to Home Page</a></u></center></tr>


<center><h3>If a problem develops during backup</h3></center>


<tr><td><a href="/cdrom/knoppix-halt.desktop"><img src="drive-unplug.gif"></a></td>

<td>If something goes wrong and you need to shut down the backup, click the open terminal window, enter Control-Z. Whether this stops the process or not, then use the emergency shutdown script. It'll unmount all mounted drives and dump you to a root prompt. (takes a couple of minutes) At that point, type <

;font face="Courier">/sbin/poweroff</font>. If the shutdown script fails and you can't unmount the drives, do a drive check on both drives via <font face="Courier">e2fsck</a> the next time you boot</td>

<tr><center><u><a href="/cdrom/knoppix-halt.desktop">Emergency Shutdown




Figures 1-4 show the icons that go with backup page; save them to the directory you created earlier.

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