February 22, 2019

Point-and-Click Linux LVM Filesystem Workstation Backup, Part 2 - page 4

dar Backup Script and Icon Setup

  • May 31, 2007
  • By A. Lizard

Download and install isomaster. Use the automatic installer in your distro if this is available in repository, otherwise, get it here. There are versions for most major Linux distros and source.

The most straightforward approach to adding a GUI to the backup scripts would be to add the scripts and icons to /home/knoppix/Desktop. Create the new .iso image, and burn it. Unfortunately, this means extracting the compressed filesystem from knoppix, adding the files, then putting it back into the CD.

There is an easier alternative, demonstrated in these steps:

  1. Open the iso with isomaster
  2. Extract index.html and modify it with as described below.
  3. Add the rsync, dar, and S90 scripts to the Knoppix main directory.
  4. Add the .desktop files you just created to the directory.
  5. Add the modified index.html and backup.html pages.
  6. Save the changed .iso image
  7. Burn the changed .iso image to a recordable CD with K3b.

Using isomaster, extract the index.html file, open it in a text editor, and add the text after the 2nd <div> at the end of the file:

[do not change content of original Knoppix html]
<A HREF="KNOPPIX/index_ru.html">[RU]</A></FONT></font></th>
<p> </p>

<center><u><a href="backup.html">Choose Backup Type</a></u></center>
<center>Backup mods by A.Lizard, not from the Knoppix Project - use at your own risk</center>

Save and close the index.html file.

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