April 26, 2019

Point-and-Click Linux LVM Filesystem Workstation Backup, Part 2 - page 5

dar Backup Script and Icon Setup

  • May 31, 2007
  • By A. Lizard

Start your computer, during the POST, insert the Knoppix backup CD. When it gets to the Desktop, the browser will automatically open to the Knoppix home page (see Figure 5).

Select the Choose Backup Type link. This takes you to the backup page.

Read the instructions on the page.

To select drive mirror backup, click the drive to drive icon and then find something to do for half an hour.

To back up to dar, click the archive to dvd icon. Find something else to do for a few hours more.

To burn the dar backup volumes to DVD,

  1. Open k3b
  2. Select data disc,
  3. Drag and drop the first dar volume from /usr/local/backups
  4. Drag and drop: boot.zip , dar-static boot.zip , dar-FAQ.html , dar-mini-how-to.html , dar-tutorial.html, linux_backup_article.html .
  5. Burn the DVD.
  6. Label it. (I use date, dar slice number)
  7. Aave the k3b backup file (backup-1.k3b is a good name), then Save As backup-2.k3b
  8. Open backup-2.k3b and substitute the second slice for the first.
  9. Iterate until you run out of backup slices.

I recommend putting an installation DVD or CD for your distro in with each backup set, preferably a minimal installation (i.e., Debian net-install).

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