April 19, 2019

Point-and-Click Linux LVM Filesystem Workstation Backup, Part 2 - page 6

dar Backup Script and Icon Setup

  • May 31, 2007
  • By A. Lizard

If your backup CD has worked and stops working:

  • rsync � did you actually plug in and turn on the mirror drive?
  • dar or rsync: try cleaning the CD media.
  • rsync - Make sure the mirror rack connections to your IDE or SATA cable are OK.

Recovery can be done from the mirror drive or from the dar DVD backup.

From mirror drive: Remove problem main workstation drive. Pull mirror drive out of tray. Replace main workstation drive with mirror drive. Open from Knoppix LiveCD.

# su
# vgrename terrarium-back terrarium

Exit from Knoppix, remove disk, and reboot.

At this point, depending on the drive problem, you can low-level format the problem drive, get a drive vendor RMA and replace it if in warranty, or stick in a new drive, If it isn't exactly identical to the old one, don't use dd, pull the backup drive, do a minimal install of whatever distro you use with LVM enabled, use a slightly different volume name when you set it up (i.e., terrarium, terrarium-back), and make sure the setup (main vs. swap) and /boot are identical in size to the old ones.

Then, put the backup drive you're creating back into the drive rack, run the backup script from the modified Knoppix LiveCD. Find yourself something to do for however long it took you to create the original backup. Reboot.

From dar DVD backup: Do a minimal installation of your Linux distribution. Then follow the instructions on page 2-3 of this article.

Dar restore doesn't change, since what's backed up are the / and /boot directory trees, not the LVM filesystem.

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