April 24, 2019

Master Your Linux Keyboard (And Fix Caps Lock Forever) - page 3

Exorcising Caps Lock

  • July 12, 2007
  • By Carla Schroder

The tricky bit with xbindkeys-config is knowing the correct application launching commands. The simplest command is the program's name with no options, like kate or gimp or firefox. (Shame on Linux distributions and desktop environments that obscure the real application names - users will not faint at the sight of useful information.) Anything that works on the command line will work in xbindkeys-config. For launching graphical applications with rootly powers, or as any other user, you need gksu or kdesu. Using one of these gives you a graphical login window, like Figure 2.

gksu is a graphical front-end to both su and sudo. Just to add to the fun and confusion, so is gksudo. Making it even more fun is Ubuntu makes gksu behave like gksudo. So let's talk about this first.

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