April 18, 2019

Master Your Linux Keyboard (And Fix Caps Lock Forever) - page 5

Exorcising Caps Lock

  • July 12, 2007
  • By Carla Schroder

kdesu is a front-end to su, and by default switches to the "real" root user. So you need a root login on your system to use kdesu, like this:

$ kdesu kate

You may also switch to any user that you know the password for:

$ kdesu -u pinball kate

Come back next week to learn more about using xbindkeys with lots of nice examples, and a quick tour of KeyTouch for additional useful customizations to your multimedia keyboard.


  • man 1 xmodmap
  • man 5 sudoers
  • man 1 gksu
  • man 1 kdesu
  • man 1 xbindkeys
  • Keytouch

This article originally appeared on Enterprise Networking Planet, a JupiterWeb site.

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