March 21, 2019

Font Management In Linux, Part 2 - page 2

Previewing Fonts

  • October 25, 2007
  • By Carla Schroder
Check your distribution's software repositories first. On Debian and its many descendants you can install new fonts the usual way, with aptitude or Synaptic. Fedora users have Yum and the nice graphical Package Manager. Other Linuxes- you get the idea.

If that doesn't satisfy your font desires, there are a number of sites with nice free Linux fonts. The Linux Libertine font set is designed as a quality Times and Times New Roman replacement. These are both free of cost and licensed under the GPL. Installation is easy: download and unpack the tarball, and then move the LinLibertineFont/ directory into any of the directories listed in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf. Your new Libertine fonts should be instantly available.

Check out these sites for a bit of font-shopping:

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