April 25, 2019

OpenOffice.org Mail Merge and Labels - page 2

My Mail to Your Mail

  • March 12, 2008
  • By Carla Schroder
Let's first create a page of return address labels. Go to File -> New -> Labels. Type in your address, then go through all the tabs and make sure everything is the way you want. On the Options tab, be sure that Synchronize is checked. This is the magic button that lets you easily edit your labels after you create them. Use Options -> Setup to choose your printer. When you're done, click New Document. Now you have a page of identical labels. You can go ahead and use them, or have some fun and pretty them up.

To change the font, all you do is edit the first label on the sheet. You can also adjust spacing and line breaks. When you do this a Synchronize button appears- simply click this to propagate your changes to all the labels.

Plain text labels are dull, so why not add a picture? Insert -> Picture, size and position it, and voil´┐Ż! It will look something like Figure 1. Be sure to use images that already have reduced file sizes; you don't want to create a page of dumbnails. When you're done you can save your page of labels and use it over and over. OpenOffice includes templates for a huge number of address labels, business cards, file folder labels, and postcards.

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