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Networking with Ubuntu 8.04 and Windows Part 2 - page 3

The Network Icon

  • June 30, 2008
  • By Eric Geier

Along with being able to access the Network Settings window by clicking the network icon and selecting Manual Configuration, you can click System | Administration | Network. Once the window appears (see Figure 4), in order to make changes, click the Unlock button, enter your account password, and click the Authenticate button.

On the Connections tab, you can double-click a connection type (to configure its settings, for instance, its IP address settings to configure a static address. On the General tab, you can change the Host (or Computer) Name; however you configure the Domain Name (or Workgroup) elsewhere, as explained in part 1. The DNS and Hosts tabs contain advanced settings you probably don't need to concern yourself with right now.

To wrap up the grand tour of Ubuntu's networking menus, windows, and settings, take a look at the Network window, shown in Figure 5. Here you can browse through the computers and files on your network. You can access this window by clicking Places and selecting Network, or by clicking the Network Servers icon when in a File Browser window.

To view files from your Windows PCs, first double-click on the Windows Network icon. Then double-click the Workgroup that the computer you desire is assigned to. Now double-click the computer you want to access, identified by their Computer Names. Finally, you can browse through the computer's shared folders.

Stay tuned--the next part of this series will show you exactly how to share files and printers in Ubuntu.

Eric Geier is the Founder and President of Sky-Nets, Ltd., a Wi-Fi Hotspot Network. He is also the author of many networking and computing books, including Home Networking All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (Wiley 2008).

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