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OpenOffice.org Tips and Tricks Part I - page 2

A Little Different and Very Good

  • July 28, 2008
  • By Eric Geier
In addition to templates, OpenOffice.org out-of-the-box lacks clip art and stock photos. However, you still have a few ways to get media so you can spruce up your documents and presentations. For a clip art catalog that integrates right into OpenOffice.org, you can download the OxygenOffice Extras - Gallery extension. It includes a variety of clip art images; from Animals to Weather and many in between. You can install it using the Extension Manager, just like discussed earlier when adding more templates. Then to access the media, click the Gallery button on the OpenOffice.org toolbar as shown in Figure 1.

Tip: If you download extensions as .zip files, you probably need to rename the file to change the file extension to .oxt.

You can use the clker.com plug-in to easily import royalty-free images from their online catalog. The extension adds a button on the OpenOffice.org toolbar. When you press the button, a dialog box comes up where you logon to your clker.com account. Then you're able to browse through the contents of your saved clker basket, press the copy button, and paste the selected image into your document.

Don't forget about Microsoft's clip art and media. If you have a valid license to a Microsoft Office suite or program or a product that includes Microsoft Clip Gallery or Organizer, you can use Microsoft's media that's loaded on your PC or download content from the Office Online site. When you have the Microsoft Clip Organizer open, select the media you want to use with OpenOffice.org, click the down arrow on the left of the thumbnail, and select Copy. Then paste the media in an OpenOffice.org application.

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