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Roll Your Own Custom Bookmarklets In Firefox, part 2 - page 2

Javascript Bookmarklets

  • October 23, 2008
  • By Akkana Peck

What, you say you don't particularly need a bookmarklet that turns text green? Okay, me neither. But you can use javascript: for all sorts of really useful things.

Ever wonder who links to your pages? There's a Google query term for finding "back refs" (it's link:), but who remembers all the special Google query terms? Instead, just bookmark this handy Javascript expression:


Or right-click on this link and choose "Copy Link Location": Find back-refs. Now you'll be able to invoke the bookmarklet on any page and it will tell you links to that page.

Here's a short but sweet one. Did you know that web servers give an idea of when a page was last modified? You can get that information with a last-modified bookmarklet: javascript:alert(document.lastModified)

Some of the useful Javascript bookmarklets get a bit long, and they're not very readable. So for the rest of the bookmarklets in this article I'll simply provide the link. To try one, or paste it as a bookmark, right-click on the link and choose "Copy Link Location".

Remember the Wikipedia search bookmarklet in the last article? You can make it even more powerful by adding some Javascript to search for words selected in the current page: Look up selected words in Wikipedia.

Here's a bookmarklet that translates a page from another language using Babelfish, provided you know the appropriate two-letter code: Babelfish translate.

A frequently requested feature for Firefox is a button to go up one level from the current page. But you don't need a button if you just make a bookmarklet: Up one level.

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