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Set up Secure Wireless With Zeroshell Linux (part 2) - page 2

Setting up RADIUS Wireless Client Authentication

  • April 27, 2009
  • By Eric Geier
Wireless Authentication and Encryption with Zeroshell Linux (Part 2) tells you all about setting up Linux clients.

Setting up a soft access point

As mentioned last week, to use the Wi-Fi capabilities of ZeroShell, the machine needs to be loaded with a wireless card that uses an Atheros chipset and is supported by the MadWifi drivers. If you aren't sure of your adapter's
chipset, or you want to find other supported adapters, you can search this directory.

Once you have an Atheros Wi-Fi card, you can setup ZeroShell to act as an access point (AP), simultaneously with any other LAN services it's offering. After you create an SSID (network name), enable encryption, and perform other configurations, the "soft AP" will act and seem like one you'd buy off the shelf.

Assuming you already have ZeroShell on your network, connected to a router with an IP address, here's exactly how to set up the AP functionality:

  1. On the ZeroShell machine, from the main command line menu, type W to enter the Wi-Fi Manager menu. Type N to create a new SSID in the Access Point mode. Complete the prompts to setup encryption and other settings.
  2. Bring up the web-based configuration utility for ZeroShell by typing the machine's IP address in a browser and logging in from any computer on the existing network, not via the new ZeroShell AP yet. Then click Setup on the main menu, on the left, and click the Network tab. Click the Gateway button and verify the Default Gateway is set to your router's IP address.
  3. On the Network tab, click the New Bridge button (see Figure 8). Then on the window that appears, select the wired and wireless interfaces from the Available Interfaces box and click the right-arrow button to move them to the Bridge Components box. Then click Save.

That's it. ZeroShell should should now be acting as an access point. If DHCP is active on your router, users connecting to the new AP should receive their IP address automatically from the router.

Stayed Tuned--next we'll experiment with the captive portal features. Plus we'll see how to configure ZeroShell to take over the routing, so you can hook it directly to your Internet modem. Then it will be your network's router--wireless router if you also configure the AP functionality.

Eric Geier is an author of many computing and networking books, including Home Networking All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (Wiley 2008) and 100 Things You Need to Know about Microsoft Windows Vista (Que 2007).

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