March 20, 2019

Print Beautiful Custom Calendars in Linux With Photo Calendar


  • January 14, 2010
  • By Akkana Peck
If you're like me, you don't bother buying a calendar in December because you figure at least three people are going to give you calendars for Christmas.

And then there you are on Christmas night, stuffed with a nice dinner and relaxing in front of the fire and suddenly you realize -- no calendars this year! Oh no! Will you have to break down and ... buy one?

Fear not! If you have a web browser and a printer, it's easy to make nice looking custom calendar pages, with your choice of photos.

Photo Calendar

The easiest calendar-making program I've found is a program called Photo Calendar, available at photo-cal.sourceforge.net. Click on the Linux download link and save the tarball -- it'll be a file called photo-cal-0.55-linux.tar.gz.

From a shell, you can unpack it like this:

tar xvf photo-cal-0.55-linux.tar.gz
Or use your favorite GUI tool for unpacking tarballs.

You'll end up with a directory called photo-cal-0.55. Everything you need is already there -- no need to build anything. Inside that directory is a file called calendar.html. Open that in a browser -- for example, double-click on it, or, from a shell, type:

firefox photo-cal-0.55/calendar.html

Photo Calendar's interface is mostly straightforward (Figure 1):

figure 1
figure 1

choose a photo you like, change any options you want to change, then click Display to see your calendar.

The file chooser bug

There's one trick, though, in choosing your photo. Apparently Firefox 3 changed the way file inputs work, for security reasons (you can read the gory details in bug 143220). Photo Calendar hasn't been updated yet, so browsing for images may not work right. That leaves you two options for choosing your photo.

First, you can specify the full pathname of your photo, such as /home/yourname/Photos/yosemite/img023.jpg, in the Photo: field. If you're a shell user, just type or paste the pathname in directly. Nautilus users can get a file's pathname by right-clicking and choosing Properties, then selecting the Location from the dialog that pops up. Some other file managers make it easier, with Copy in the right-click menu.

Alternately, if you prefer to use the file browser from Firefox, a small fix to Photo Calendar will do the trick. Edit cal_edit.html, find function select_file(�), and insert these lines right after the opening { brace:

    input.Photo.value = input.File.files[0].getAsDataURL();

With that change, Browse should work properly. Photo Calendar's author says there should be an updated version soon.

figure 2
figure 2

Once you've chosen your image, , click the Display button and you'll see a new window like Figure 2, showing your calendar page -- ready to print.

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