January 17, 2019

Make Your Personal Linux Cloud With Tonido - page 2

Getting Started

  • February 18, 2010
  • By Dmitri Popov
Tonido itself is a platform designed to run Web applications, and the current version of the software ships with several handy applications, including Photos, Webshare, Workspace, and Money.

As the name suggests, the Photos application lets you share and exchange photos with other Tonido users. Sharing your snaps using Photos is easy. First off, add a directory containing photos to the application. To do this, switch to the Photos application, click on the Manage link in the Shared Folders section to the left, and click on the Add New Share link. Select then the directory you want to share, pick the group you want (or create a new one on-the-fly), and press OK. This automatically pushes your photos to all users in the selected group, and all photos shared by other users appear in your Photos application. Similar to Flickr and other photosharing services, Photos lets you tag, rate, and comment photos as well as mark them as your favorites.

The Webshare application lets you easily share individual files and directories with other Tonido users. To share a file or directory, launch the Webshare application and press the Share File button. Select then the desired file or directory, specify the share's name and the optional expiration date, and press the Add button. The system then prompts you to add users who will have access to the share. If you want to make the share public, tick the Allow Everyone check box. Hit then the Close button, and your share is ready to go.

The Workspace application can help you to collaborate with other Tonido users. The application offers pretty much everything you need to manage schedules, tasks, contacts, notes, and files. The application allows you to create as many workspaces as you need, so you can set up a separate workspace for each workgroup or project. Creating a workspace is as easy as creating a group. In fact, Tonido even allows you to turn any existing group into a workspace with a few mouse clicks. The modules of the Workspace application sport some clever features designed to make your work easier and more efficient. The Calendar module, for example, lets you import events from an iCal file. If you enable the Enable Public Display option when creating the workspace, the calendar will automatically be published on the Web. The Tasks module lets you specify a due date and priority for each task as well as assign tasks to users. Using the Filter button, you can quickly view tasks matching certain criteria such as Priority, Assigned to, Due Date, etc. The Notes module offers graphical editing tools, making it easier to create richly formatted notes. The Timeline feature provides a quick overview of all workspace activity, so you can stay abreast of what other users do.

The Money application is a rather powerful finance management tool which you can use to keep track of your stock investments, loans, credit cards as well as checking and savings accounts. The application lets you record and organize transactions as well as reconcile them against your bank statements. Using Money, you can also manage stock, bonds, and mutual fund accounts as well as track your investments, keep tabs on gains and losses, and get the current share prices. Money's powerful reporting capabilities let you view your spending by category and by payee, view income vs expenses, and get an overview of your budget.

Final Word

You can customize Tonido by enabling and disabling individual applications in the bundle. But that's not all: using the provided SDK, any developer can write applications for the Tonido platform and make them available through the Tonido App Store. Currently, the list of available applications is rather short, but this will most likely change as the Tonido platform gets more traction.

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