March 21, 2019

Appleshare IP on Linux - page 5


  • August 26, 1999
  • By Ian Wilkinson

So there you have it. One of the "features" that I haven't been able to make go away is that once you throw something in the trash on the server, you get a message that says " (filename) can't be left in the trash. Do you want to throw (filename) away immediately?" I imagine it has something to do with UNIX not really having a system to deal with files that don't have a set spot in the file system, so they get deleted immediately. Self cleaning servers. Anyone who has ever managed an AppleShare server and tried to figure out who has left 42 zillion files in the trash and then not emptied it knows how handy this can be.

Another thing to note it that you now have an AppleTalk server running on non-Apple hardware. With the addition of Samba for connectivity to the Windows world, I have found this to be an economical cross-platform server.

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