December 5, 2016

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Linux 3.19 Features Set to Surface in 2015

Merge window for first Linux kernel of 2015 shows some interesting new features on the way, including very limited support for Microsoft's Surface technology

Linux 3.18 Diseased Newt Released

The last Linux kernel of 2014 is now out

Linux Top 3: Linux Mint 17.1 Goes GA, Fedora 21 Goes RC, Devuan Forks Debian

Time to freshen up with Linux Mint 17.1

Linux Top 3: GNOME Triumphs, Linux 3.18 Nears Release and FreeBSD's Benefactor

It pays to help others out.

Linux Top 3: PC-BSD 10.1 Linux Mint 17.1 and Mageia 5

Lots of new releases on the way.

Linux Top 3: Raspberry Pi A+, Debian Freezes Jessie and ReactOS Polishes

Another busy week on the Linux Planet

openSUSE 13.2 Ships, Fedora 21 hits Beta

Popular community distros move forward.

SUSE Cranks Enterprise Linux to 12

First new number change for SUSE's flagship Linux since 2009

Ubuntu Past (Warty), Present (Utopic) and Future (Vivid)

After 10 years, Ubuntu is still going strong.

Linux Top 3: CAINE 6, VyOS 1.1 and 4MLinux 10

Security, networking and minimal Linux distros advance

Linux 3.17 is Getting ready for the Year 2038

Fifth Linux Kernel of 2014 released

Fedora 21 Goes Alpha, Qubes Hits Version 2 and OpenElec 4.2

Fedora's next step now in alpha

End of the Line for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

RHEL 5.11 marks the final minor release of RHEL 5.x, but the platform isn't quite done (yet)

Linux Top 3: Fedora 21 Delayed, SystemRescueCD and Raspian Update

There is saying that used to be commonly attributed to when Debian Linux distributions would be released. That saying is - "it's done, when it's done."

Linux Top 3: Tails 1.1.1, RoboLinux 7.6.2 and Gentoo 20140826

Updates abound in community Linux distributions

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