December 18, 2018

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Ubuntu Past (Warty), Present (Utopic) and Future (Vivid)

After 10 years, Ubuntu is still going strong.

Linux Top 3: CAINE 6, VyOS 1.1 and 4MLinux 10

Security, networking and minimal Linux distros advance

Linux 3.17 is Getting ready for the Year 2038

Fifth Linux Kernel of 2014 released

Fedora 21 Goes Alpha, Qubes Hits Version 2 and OpenElec 4.2

Fedora's next step now in alpha

End of the Line for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

RHEL 5.11 marks the final minor release of RHEL 5.x, but the platform isn't quite done (yet)

Linux Top 3: Fedora 21 Delayed, SystemRescueCD and Raspian Update

There is saying that used to be commonly attributed to when Debian Linux distributions would be released. That saying is - "it's done, when it's done."

Linux Top 3: Tails 1.1.1, RoboLinux 7.6.2 and Gentoo 20140826

Updates abound in community Linux distributions

Linux Top 3: Kali 1.0.9, Deepin 2014.1 and Ubuntu 14.10

Time to update some community favorites

Linux Turns 23

Happy Birthday to the World's favorite, supercomputer, server, mobile and (maybe) desktop operating system

Linux 3.17 Release Cycle Begins as LinuxCon Opens

 First Linux 3.17 release is now out, though don't expect much kernel work to get done this week as many key developers will be in Chicago.

Linux Top 3: Knoppix 7.4, Android x86 4.4 and the Debian Desktop Debate

Should Jesse default to GNOME or Xfce?

Linux 3.16 Debuts Improving Samsung ARM Support

Samsung gets some love in the fourth major Linux kernel update of 2014

Linux Top 3: CoreOS Goes Stable, Oracle Clones RHEL 7 and Tails Updates

Cloud, enterprise and security Linux distributions all get updates

Linux Top 3: Slackware Turns 21, Debian Squeezes and Linux 3.16 Nears

The first Linux distribution hits a major milestone.

Linux Top 3: Raspberry Pi B+, CentOS 7 and RHEL 5.11

 B+ isn't such a bad grade after all

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