July 19, 2018

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Linux Top 3: Distrowatch, Deepin 2014 and the NSA

Deepin debuts new take on the Linux Desktop environment.

Linux Top 3: CoreOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 and Ubuntu 14.10

 Is Managed Linux the future ?

Linux Top 3: Peppermint Five, Mageia 4.1 and Debian LTS

Debian squeezes more life out of its 'oldstable' branch

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Finally Hits the Big Time

After three years, RHEL 7 is now GA, but that doesn't mean RHEL users failed to benefit from features updates for RHEL 6.

Linux 3.15 Released Improving RAM

Laptop suspend/resume gets a 12x speed boost

Linus Tries a New Merge Plan for Linux 3.16

Linux development could accelerate under new plan

Linux Top 3: Fedora, Ubuntu and Gluster Lose Community Leaders

Bergeron, Bacon and Walker transition away from the open-source communities they help to lead.

Linux Top 3: Red Hat Hardball, Linux Mint Goes LTS, KDE 5 Beta

Red Hat finds itself in a media battle over OpenStack support

Linux Top 3: CoreOS, Docker 1.0 and OpenStack Summit

More then ever before, Linux is the cloud

Linux Top 3: Tails 1.0, OpenMandriva Lx 2014.0 and Debian 7.5

DEK: Linux old and Linux New

Linux Top 3: Debian Dumps SPARC, Ubuntu Takes Over Linux 3.13 and the Core Infrastructure Initiative

Linux runs on SPARC?

Linux Top 3: Ubuntu 14.04, Debian Gives Squeeze More Life and Red Hat Goes Atomic

It's a container world now

Linux Top 3: Nussbaum Remains Debian Project Leader, Heartbleed Hits Linux and Linux 3.15

A tough week for security professionals on the Linux Planet

Linux Top 3: Linus Lashes out, Linux 3.14 Gets PIE and Ubuntu One is Done.

Another eventful week on the Linux Planet

Linux Top 3: GNOME 3.12 and New Betas for Ubuntu 14.04 and OpenMandriva Lx 2014.0

New Linux desktop adds new polish, features and apps.

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