April 17, 2015

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The Linux Kernel in 2012

From Linux 3.2 to 3.7, 2012 was a busy year for Linux

Linux Top 3: Hello ARM, Goodbye 386

Out with the old and in with the new

Linux Top 3:Ubuntu Roaring, RMS Not Impressed

Ubuntu pushes forward and Richard Stallman pushes back.

Linux Top 3: Sputnik, Spherical Cow and Secure Boot

Don't have a cow, Secure Boot and Linux laptops arrive.

Linux Top 3: Linux Mint 14, Vyatta 6.5 and Cinnarch

A week full of flavorful Linux distribution releases.

Linux Top 3: Gentoo Forks udev, Peppermint Respins and Linux 3.7 RC7

The future of udev in systemd is in doubt

Linux Top 3: Mint, Martian Blueberries Fedora and Supercomputer Domination

From small systems to the biggest on the planet

Linux Top 3: Fedora 18 Delayed, Tiny Core Advances and a Shot in the ARM

It's done, when it's done.

Linux Top 3: Red Hat Gets Certified, Wayland Hits 1.0 and Linux 3.7 Ramps Up

After almost two years in the market, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 gets a key security certification.

Ubuntu Linux 12.10 Rolls out as 13.04 Development Rolls In

Ubuntu Linux 12.10 Rolls out as 13.04 Development Rolls In

Linux Top 3: UEFI Secure Boot, Amazon AMI and Ubuntu 12.10 Donations

Stop gap solution for Secure Boot debuts from the Linux Foundation. By: Sean Michael Kerner

Linux Top 3: Arch, ARM and LibreOffice

It's no longer just an x86 world anymore.

Linus Updates Linux, Slackware 14 Debuts and Red Hat MRG 2.2

This week's Linux Top 3 strikes right at the core of Linux with a kernel update, a new release of the world's first Linux distro and a milestone update of Red Hat MRG.

Linux Top 3: SUSE, Sabayon 10 and Amazon on Ubuntu

New Manager for SUSE, New Management for openSUSE

Linux Top 3: GNOME 3.6, Samba 4 and Canonical Updates Landscape

Next generation of pivotal open source technologies continues to push forward with new milestone releases.

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