April 23, 2014

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Linux 2012: 5 Things to Watch

From new development in the kernel and  distros to changes in architectures big and small, here are a few things we expect to see this year.

Linux in 2011: What a Great Year

The true test of character is overcoming adversity and Linux has no shortage of character.

Oracle Chases Red Hat Release Cycle

There are a number of RHEL clones, but none come out as fast as Oracle Linux

Red Hat Advances Enterprise Linux and Storage

Busy week for Red Hat with a pair of new releases, as HP open sources webOS -- will it be the next great mobile Linux?

The Precise Pangolin Goes Alpha

Linux server revenues continue to rise as development on the next-generation Ubuntu release begins.

Linux Mint 12 Revives Classic GNOME Desktop

Linux Mint 12 debuts as the Linux desktop and kernel advance.

openSUSE Moves Forward with 12.1 Release

Jumping right past a 12.0 release, the openSUSE project is advancing its Linux distribution, as Linux itself continues to advance the world of supercomputers and PaaS.

Is Linux Mint the Most Popular Distro?

The times, they are a changing on the Linux Planet, as Linux Mint capitalizes on Ubuntu angst.

Fedora 16 Aims for the Cloud

Verne explores Linux as new Linux kernels and KDE releases debut.

Ubuntu for Your Smartphone

From Linux from Scratch to Linux on every screen.

Linux 3.1 Released

Linux kernel development moves forward with the first major update in the 3.x series.

Goodbye, Dennis Ritchie

From the solemn to the absurd, Linux keeps moving forward.

Ubuntu Ocelot Debuts as Kernel.org Returns

Kernel.org is restored as Oracle adds Dtrace to Linux and Red Hat previews RHEL 6.2.

The Linux Desktop Advances

GNOME 3.2 debuts as PulseAudio finally hits 1.0 and LibreOffice celebrates its first birthday.

Microsoft's Secure Boot Gambit

Will Windows 8 prevent Linux from being installed? And where is Linux 3.1 anyway?

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