May 23, 2016

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Linux Top 3: Linux 3.0 EOL, Oracle and SUSE

End of the line for Linux 3.x

Linux Top 3: Saucy, Trusty and Open Virtualization

Ubuntu 13.10 debuts, 14.04 gets named and the Linux Foundation grows its collaboration projects base.

Linux Top 3: RHEL 6.5, Debian 7.2 and EOL for Linux 3.0.x

Next up, the Saucy Salamander

Linux Top 3: Red Hat Enterprise Linux and KDE Updates as Puppy Goes Woof

New milestone releases for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the KDE desktop debut as Puppy Linux founder heads off into retirement

GNU at 30, GNOME at 3.10, Guix at 0.4

Thirty years ago the GNU project started the Free Unix movement.

Linux Top 3: SteamOS, Linux 3.12 and Fedora Turns 10

It was ten years ago that Red Hat Linux died and Fedora was born.

LinuxCon 2013 Preview

What are the sessions that will make headlines this week at the world's top Linux conference?

Linux Top 3: Kubuntu and LibreOffice Go Commercial as KDE Evolves

Commercial support options grow for popular projects.

Linux Top 3: Linux 3.11, Kubuntu Goes Commercial

New kernel, new backing for Kubuntu and OpenBEL

Linux Top 3: Linux Turns 22, OpenSUSE Goes Evergreen and Ubuntu Goes Over the Edge

22 years sure flies by doesn't it?

Linux Top 3: KDE 4.11, Linux 4.11 and Debian at 20

Big week on the Linux Planet for 4.11 releases.

Linux Top 3: Linux for Workgroups, Sabayon and Luna

Linux 3.11 progresses as new versions of Sabayon and Elementary OS debut

Linux Top 3: Linux 3.10 Goes Long, Linux 3.11 Advances as LXDE Merges

Big week for Linux news with major kernel news and a reshaping of the Linux desktop space.

Why Linux is Super (Computing)

Linux in HPC, Ubuntu Edge and Linux 3.9 EO

Linux Top 3: Slackware at 20, Sarah Sharp and Ubuntu Edge

Something old and something new

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