July 25, 2014

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A Billion Dollar Reason Why Linux Works

Red Hat sets a new revenue milestone as development on upstream kernel and rival distributions continue.

GNOME 3.4 Redefines the Linux Desktop

The next big Linux desktop release is coming soon.

Linux Embraces Android (Again)

New mainline kernel and a new unbreakable kernel.

CentOS and Linux Mint Get Refreshed

New releases of the Red Hat clone and a new desktop release for Linux Mint.

Next Gen Linux Distros Hit Milestone Releases

New Ubuntu, Fedora and Linux kernel releases are all on the way.

Mobile Linux Options Grow

Ubuntu is headed to Android, and Mozilla is partnering to build its own mobile OS.

Linux Top 5: SCO Returns

Fedora's New Project Leader

Red Hat names new Fedora Leader as demand for Linux jobs grows.

Linux's New Fellow

The Linux Foundation adds a new fellow and Red Hat extends Linux support.

Heads Up for Linux

The Linux desktop advances with KDE 4.8 and the new HUD concept from Ubuntu.

Red Hat RHEVS Virtualization

New RHEV 3.0 release debuts as Linux adoption continues to grow.

Linux for the 'Longterm'

First point release for Linux 3.2 debuts as FreeBSD cranks up to 9.

New Year, New Linux Kernel

First new Linux kernel release, Linux on TVs and Mandriva on the brink.

Linux 2012: 5 Things to Watch

From new development in the kernel and  distros to changes in architectures big and small, here are a few things we expect to see this year.

Linux in 2011: What a Great Year

The true test of character is overcoming adversity and Linux has no shortage of character.

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