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Linux 3.17 Release Cycle Begins as LinuxCon Opens

  • August 19, 2014
  • By Sean Michael Kerner

Big week on the Linux Planet as a new Linux kernel release cycle begins and Kernel developers congregate in Chicago for LinuxCon.

"I'm going to be on a plane much of tomorrow, and am not really supportive of last-minute pull requests during the merge window anyway, so I'm closing the merge window one day early, and 3.17-rc1 is out there now," Linus Torvalds wrote in his Linux 3.17 rc1 release announcement.

In terms of what's in Linux 3.17, Torvalds noted that there are changes all over the place, though there are no big marquee new filesystems.

"About three quarters of the changes are drivers, and of the rest, roughly half is architecture updates, with the rest being misc core changes (networking, filesystems etc)," Torvalds wrote.


Torvalds will once again be making an appearance at a LinuxCon USA event, this time it's the Chicago event and it's co-located with a Kernel developers summit. Torvalds will be speaking on a panel alongside fellow developers Andrew Morton, Greg Kroah-Hartman and Shuah Kahn

At the LinuxCon 2013 event in New Orleans, Torvalds talkedabout all kinds of things, ranging from scalability to the issue of government backdoors.

Also in 2014, Brandon Philips CTO of CoreOS will be speaking. CoreOS has emerged in 2014 to be a leading platform for Docker container deployments. Speaking about Docker, Mr. Docker himself, Solomon Hykes will be presenting at LinuxCon 2014 too.

No LinuxCon event would be complete without keynote from the big vendors too and the Chicago event is no exception. Intel's top open source executive Imad Sousou will be delivering a keynote on Linux in the connected world and Michael Enescu, CTO of Open Source Initiatives at Cisco is speaking on cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

IBM is also speaking with Big Blue's top Power executive slated for a Friday keynote. At the 2013 event, IBM made big Power news by committing$1 billion in development funds to Power on LInux.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at LinuxPlanet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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