April 26, 2019

Linux Top 3: Guix, NixOS and Bodhi Linux Update

  • April 4, 2016
  • By Sean Michael Kerner

1) Guix System Distribution 0.10.10

There are any number of different reasons why a developer, or group of developers come together to build a new Linux distribution. In the case of GuixSD the purpose is to serve as a platform for a new package manager.

The GNU Guix project build a transaction package manager system and it is the base feature around which Guix SD(system distribution) is built.

In addition to standard package management features, Guix supports transactional upgrades and roll-backs, unprivileged package management, and per-user profiles. GuixSD offers a declarative approach to operating system configuration management and is highly hackable. Guix uses low-level mechanisms from the Nix package manager, except that packages are defined as native Guile modules, using extensions to the Scheme language.

2) NixOS 16.03

As is the the case with Guix, NixOS is a Linux distribution that is built around a package manager - in this case the Nix package manager. According to the project's documentation:

Nix is a powerful package manager for Linux and other Unix systems that makes package management reliable and reproducible. It provides atomic upgrades and rollbacks, side-by-side installation of multiple versions of a package, multi-user package management and easy setup of build environments.

3) Bodhi Linux 3.2.0

Bodhi Linux is a based on Ubuntu and as such makes use of a well known and widely deployed package manager. Instead the big differentiator for Bodhi is the Moksha desktop environment as well it's optimized for Chromebooks, though it can be deployed on other 32/64 bit x86 systems as well.

The Bodhi 3.2.0 update includes the following improvements:

  • Moksha 0.2.0 is here by default
  • Linux Kernel 4.2 for improved hardware support
  • Multi-Language support for the Installer Again
  • Improved UEFI Support
  • A number of small improvements / bug fixes to the default Radiance Theme
  • LibreOffice 5.1 (in the AppPack releases)

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at LinuxPlanet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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