April 25, 2019

Linux Top 3: Mangaka Mou, TurnKey Linux 14 and Parsix Mumble

  • September 21, 2015
  • By Sean Michael Kerner

1) Mangaka Mou

In the wide world of Linux distributions, there seem to a distro for just about every need and interest. The Mangaka Linux distribution is focused on Japanese Manga fans. The Mou release is based on Ubuntu and makes use of the MATE desktop.

"As any other MANGAKA release (except ONE) you will be able to run on any 64bit PC and enjoy a out-of-box fast and complete LINUX for Anime&Manga multimedia viewing and editing purpose," the Mangaka Mou release announcement states.

2) Parsix 8.0 ' Mumble'

Parsix 8.0 is the first release of Parsix to make use of Debian Jessie as the base platform.

"Parsix GNU/Linux 8.0 ships with GNOME 3.16 Desktop environment, Linux 4.1 based kernel and an improved installer system officially supporting UEFI based systems," the Parsix Mumble release announcementstates. "All base packages have been synchronized with Debian Jessie repositories as of September 12, 2015 and we are shipping GNOME Shell 3.16.3 and Linux 4.1.6. "


3) TurnKey Linux 14.0

TurnKey Linux 14.0 is also based on Debian Jessie, but it's a distro that is very different from others. TurnKey Linux is a base operating system pre-integrated with some of the most popular applications and stack. For example there is a base LAMP stack image, an image for node.js, owncloud, Drupal and many others.

A big focus in TurnKey Linux 14 as the base is security improvements. There are now hardened SSL/TLS settings for the Apache, Nginx and LigHTTp web servers by default across TurnKey Linux appliances.

TurnKey Linux also provides an auto-update mechanism for security that is now being supplemented with email alerts on updates.

"TurnKey v14.0 appliances also include a minimalist monitoring system (Monit) which also alerts via email when RAM, CPU and/or HDD limits are hit (75%, 90% & 90% respectively). The email address for all these features can be set at firstboot. As a bonus you will also be automatically subscribed to TurnKey's "Security and News Alerts" email list."


Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Linux Planet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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