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Linux Top 3: Raspberry Pi 2, BackBox Linux 4.1 and Black Lab Linux 6

  • February 3, 2015
  • By Sean Michael Kerner

1) RaspberryPi 2

The next generation Raspberry Pi 2 was announced by Raspberry Pi Founder Eben Upton on February 2. The biggest difference is the new quad-core 900MHz Broadcom ARM Cortex-A7 CPU which deliver up to six times the processing power of the Raspberry Pi B+.

Going a step further, instead of just 512 MB of RAM, the new Raspberry Pi 2 boasts 1 GB of RAM.

Upton wrote in release announcement:

"Fortunately for us, Broadcom were willing to step up with a new SoC, BCM2836. This retains all the features of BCM2835, but replaces the single 700MHz ARM11 with a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 complex: everything else remains the same, so there is no painful transition or reduction in stability."

Going beyond what Raspberry Pi has offered to users in terms of software, there is a Snappy Ubuntu Core version that is available to run on the device. This will be the first official version of Ubuntu that can run on the Raspberry Pi.

Also of note, Linux will have company on the Raspberry Pi, Microsoft's Windows 10 will be available in a compact form to run on the 2 devices as well.

The Windows signup page for Raspberry Pi states:

"We're excited to announce that we are expanding our Windows Developer Program for IoT by delivering a version of Windows 10 that supports Raspberry Pi 2. This release of Windows 10 will be free for the Maker community through the Windows Developer Program for IoT."

2) BackBox Linux

BackBox Linux 4.1 was released on January 29, providing users were the first incremental update since the 4.0 release in October of 2014.

The new updates in the 4.1 release include:
    Preinstalled Linux Kernel 3.13
    New Ubuntu 14.04.1 base
    Installer with LVM and Full Disk Encryption options
    Handy Thunar custom actions
    RAM wipe at shutdown/reboot
    System improvements
    Upstream components
    Bug corrections
    Performance boost
    Improved Anonymous mode
    Predisposition to ARM architecture (armhf Debian packages)
    Predisposition to BackBox Cloud platform
    New and updated hacking tools

3) Black Lab Linux 6.0 SR 3

Black Lab Profession 6.0 SR3 was released on January 31, also marking the first update for that release since October 2014.

New updates in the release include:

    GNOME Shell 3.10.4
    KDE 4.14.2
    Firefox 35.0.1
    Thunderbird 31.4
    GTK+ 3.14
    QT 5
    Kexi with PostgreSQL and MySQL drivers
    Simple Screen Recorder
    Updated Flash Player
    Kernel 3.13.0-45
    Nanny parental controls for
    system access controls
    Gnome EncFS Manager for creating
    encrypted data folders

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at LinuxPlanet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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