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Linux Top 3: Raspberry Pi A+, Debian Freezes Jessie and ReactOS Polishes

  • November 11, 2014
  • By Sean Michael Kerner

1)Raspberry Pi A+

While Linux runs on a myriad of different hardware platforms, one of the most exciting for hobbyists and makers alike in recent years has been the Raspberry Pi. One of the most attractive aspects of the Raspberry Pi has been its' powerful, yet small form factor that enables Linux to be deployed as an embedded system.

This week the smallest form factor Raspberry Pi yet was officially announced with the A+ device. The Raspberry Pi A+ is also the lowest cost device from the Raspberry Pi foundation, with a suggested retail price of only $20.

The new model A+ is 65mm in length, which is 11 mm smaller than the original Model A. The system is still powered by a meagre 256 MB of RAM and has a BCM2835 application processor. In contrast the more powerful Raspberry Pi B+ has 512 MB of onboard RAM and is a larger 86 mm. The B+ also provides an Ethernet Jack and 4 USB ports, while the A+ has only one USB port and no Ethernet jacks.

2) Debian Freezes Jessie

At long last, feature development for Debian 8.0 codenamed "Jessie" has now been locked down or "frozen". Though features are frozen there are still over 300 bugs that need to be fixed before the release goes stable, likely sometime in 2015.

Debian has now also chosen the names for the next two major releases as well. Debian 9.0 will be codenamed "Stretch" and Debian 10 will be codenamed "Buster"

3) ReactOS 0.3.17

ReactOS is an effort to build an open-source version of a Windows NT style operating system. It's a project that for its' entire existence has remained in an alpha stage though it is now closer than ever, to being nearly ready for everyday usage.

"ReactOS is quickly approaching a stage where what the releases will offer is polish compared to previous releases," the ReactOS 0.3.17 release notes states. "That will be an important milestone, as it is then that we can begin recommending to people that they try using ReactOS for day-to-day computing. We hope you look forward to it as much as we do."

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at LinuxPlanet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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