April 25, 2019

Linux Top 3: RHEL 6.7, BackBox Linux 4.3 and RoboLinux 8.1

  • July 28, 2015

1) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7

Red Hat released the latest milestone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.x last week with the RHEL 6.7 update.  With the update comes some new features as well as some that were backported from the more recent RHEL 7.x branch.

On the security front RHEL 6.7 includes the OpenSCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) Workbench which is a user-friendly graphical user interface for configuration and management of SCAP profiles.

Security also gets a boost with the ability to configure udev mounts as read-only.

This gives customers a way to restrict their users' ability to write data to removable media, such as USB thumb drives,"Steve Almy, product manager, Platforms Business Unit at Red Hat, explained to ServerWatch . "While seemingly simple, this addition helps system administrators combat a substantial source of data leakage in their environments."

2) BackBox Linux 4.3

BackBox Linux is a security focussed Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and leveraging the Xfce desktop environment. The new BackBox Linux 4.3 milestone is an incremental update with a few new features including:

  •     Preinstalled Linux Kernel 3.16
  •     New Ubuntu 14.04.2 base
  •     Ruby 2.1
  •     Installer with LVM and Full Disk Encryption options
  •     Handy Thunar custom actions
  •     RAM wipe at shutdown/reboot
  •     System improvements
  •     Upstream components
  •     Bug corrections
  •     Performance boost
  •     Improved Anonymous mode
  •     Predisposition to ARM architecture (armhf Debian packages)
  •     Predisposition to BackBox Cloud platform
  •     New and updated hacking tools: beef-project, btscanner, dirs3arch, metasploit-framework, ophcrack, setoolkit, tor, weevely, wpscan, etc.

3) RoboLinux 8.1

RoboLinux got an update last week to version 8.1 providing new features of users of the Windows migration focused distro. RoboLinux 8.1 is based on the Debian Jessie distribution and uses the Cinnamon desktop environment.

Robolinux is pleased and excited to announce its brand new Robolinux "Cinnamon Raptor" V8.1 LTS 2020 OS which is based on the rock solid Debian 8 stable source code sporting the 3.16 Linux kernel. It has far better graphics and audio quality, boots up and runs much faster than Debian 7 and is also compatible with newer hardware, drivers and most notably the Intel Haswell chipset. The Robolinux "Cinnamon Raptor" user interface is extremely fast, beautiful and very easy to use. An enormous amount of time and effort went into optimizing and tweaking Robolinux "Cinnamon Raptor" v8.1 so that Linux Beginners and Advanced Users will be very pleased.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Linux Planet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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