July 22, 2018

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.comment: Judge Robert Bork on the Microsoft Settlement

Despite knee-jerk responses from all points on the political spectrum, U.S. v. Microsoft is not a political case but instead one of right and wrong, as Dennis E. Powell learned in an interview with controversial and outspoken antitrust expert Judge Robert Bork.

.comment: The Trouble with January

What is it with January? Every year at this time, weird bugs and malfunctions spring to life. Dennis E. Powell describes this year's crop at his house.

.comment: Why Windows Users Should Oppose the Settlement (and Other Notes That Defy Categorization)

"Windows users should hate the settlement; the dean of KDE bugs gets squashed; the shootout on bootloader hill; and an idea for bringing Linux to those who could really use it. Dennis E. Powell clears his desk."

.comment: A Two-Pound UNIX Workstation On the Cheap

Linux might not take to Toshiba's tiny Libretto like a penguin to water, but with a little effort you can own a feather-weight Linux laptop for very little money. Dennis E. Powell explores the risks and rewards of two-pound Linux on the cheap.

.comment: I Want One!

From a nifty little notebook that's difficult to find to new notebook peripherals standards to a more notebook-friendly Linux distribution, Dennis E. Powell describes things he wants, but won't get, for Christmas.

.comment: Crunch Time

The public comment period on the proposed Microsoft settlement has opened. Dennis E. Powell offers a lesson in guerilla civics: why you should care and how you can make your opinion count.

.comment: Good Idea or Wacky Fantasy?

There is a lot of duplication of effort among Linux productivity applications developers, some of it unnecessary. Dennis E. Powell, in a fit of insanity or, possibly, clarity, proposes a LUPI solution.

Editor's Note: Is Ximian Practicing Appeasement or Practicality?

Ximian announced the final release of Evolution 1.0 today, providing the Linux desktop with what may be the strongest e-mail client and PIM going. It also announced a proprietary software offering that will allow Evolution to interoperate seamlessly with Microsoft's Exchange server. If anyone had doubts that Ximian has parted ways with the Anything But Microsoft crowd, it's time to lose them as the company Miguel de Icaza founded to polish the ideologically pure desktop he created joins the list of Linux outfits exploring mixed licensing models and life in the Not-Post-Microsoft Era.

.comment: Other Agendas

Alternate agendas, ulterior motives, conspiracy theories, and inappropriate advocacy -- all have permeated Linux, says Dennis E. Powell, and they can end up harming those things they are intended to help.

.comment: In Praise of IBM

IBM, computing's 800-pound gorilla, has made a big commitment to Linux. Will it extend to the desktop? Dennis E. Powell reports that his friends at the Armonk leviathan hope so, but in any case, Linux profits from IBM's involvement.

.comment: Leveraging Linux

Sooner or later, the lack of security in Microsoft products is bound to attract the attention of lawyers, who Dennis E. Powell believes will go after the companies that use them. And then, Powell writes, Linux knowledge will be a premium commodity.

.comment: The Settlement Sucks

Dennis E. Powell argues that while Microsoft may well have evaded the stiff penalties many were hoping for, there's still an opportunity in the form of a comment period, during which citizens can encourage the court to consider whether the settlement was truly in the public's interest. Is it too late for justice? Or has justice been served?

.comment: Brain-Munching Insects and SuSE 7.3

Headaches come in many forms. One of the two that currently have Dennis E. Powell floored is the "update" routine in SuSE 7.3. Read about why if you're planning to update to SuSE 7.3 from a working installation of 7.2, you might want to proceed with caution.

.comment: The Distribution We Need

While Microsoft says no one should talk about its products' dangerous lack of security, Dennis E. Powell argues that in the current world more than pretend security is essential -- and wonders when we'll see a Security-Enhanced Linux kernel in a mainstream distribution, along with a more user-friendly way of filtering the flood of spam to come.

.comment: The Plateau

Step back and take a look at the Linux of today and you might be surprised. Dennis E. Powell was as he realized that the new crop of Linux distributions are something he's comfortable recommending even to those who are not especially technically inclined. The improvements left to make, he found, are because Linux users seek perfection.

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