March 28, 2015

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Red Hat Ascends Linux Summit as Linux 3.5 Release Approaches

A busy week for Red Hat and the rest of the Linux Planet

Red Hat Grows Earnings as Canonical Challenges Secure Boot

Red Hat powers forward, but not every distro is willing to precisely follow the enterprise Linux vendor's lead, especially when it comes to UEFI Secure Boot

Linus Goes Loco on Nvidia, Mandriva Lives and OpenSUSE Delayed

Linux Top 3 stories of the week

Linux Gets Fresh and Tasty with Sabayon 9 and LinuxMint Box

Linux desktop users get new options from distro releases

Fedora 17 Debuts as Linux 3.5 Release Cycle Begins

Beefy Miracle released as Spherical Cow set to Acquire a Window Seat.

Mandriva Rejoining Mageia Fork as Mint Freshens Up Linux

A busy week on the Linux Planet as a new chapter is written in the saga of the company once known as Mandrake Linux.

Linux 3.4 Debuts as Open Source Adoption Grows

The third major new kernel release of 2012 is now generally available.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Turns 10 as Slackware Lives On

When Peter Volkerding built the Slackware Linux distro back in 1993, the Linux Planet was a very different place.

Fedora Goes Spherical as Apache OpenOffice Goes GA

This week's Linux Top 3, once again has a strong desktop component.

Red Hat Delivers RHEL 6.3 Beta

The Precise Pangolin dominated the Linux news cycle last week, but it wasn't the only piece of Linux news.

Linux is Precise, Quantal and Longterm

There lots of big event on the Linux Planet calendar in any given year. Twice a year we get to celebrate a new Ubuntu release, its wacky name and its interesting new innovations.

Kubuntu Lives

Kubuntu gets new sponsorship, ChromeOS gets a new look and Debian stick with the tried and true

Who Writes Linux in 2012?

Familiar names dominate the Linux kernel landscape as developers outline their top gripes and an open source cloud battle erupts.

A Billion Dollar Reason Why Linux Works

Red Hat sets a new revenue milestone as development on upstream kernel and rival distributions continue.

Linux Embraces Android (Again)

New mainline kernel and a new unbreakable kernel.

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