July 4, 2015

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Linux Top 5: Groklaw Calls It a Day, GNOME Unifies

With the closing of Groklaw, an era ends;  a new generation of GNOME is born;  KDE offers 'congrats'; and more.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux Leader

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the leader and progenitor of RPM-based Linux distributions, and its bleeding-edge community offshoot Fedora is equally influential.

Debian is Still the Top Linux

Debian Linux is one of the oldest and largest Linux distributions, and the most successful, spawning a host of derivatives and dominating the Linux universe.

Defending Ubuntu's Honor

"Ubuntu: Where Did the Love Go?" suggests that the honeymoon is over, Ubuntu has lost its way, and that Canonical raises unrealistic expectations. Jono Bacon responds that perceptions are not reality, and the tech press fuels the flames.

Ubuntu Sucks, Ubuntu Rules

No Linux distribution creates as much noise as Ubuntu. Noisy marketing, noisy fans, and it seems that most of the Linux world has a passionate opinion about Ubuntu. Why?

20 Linux Misconceptions That Must Die

New Linux users still, after all these years, think it should be a free Windows clone. Well it's not. Matt Hartley presents 20 new user misconceptions that need to die once and for all.

Why a Distro-Provided OpenSSH is Better than a Third-Party OpenSSH

When a third-party vendor tells you their custom OpenSSH is better than your Linux distro's OpenSSH, here is why you should be skeptical.

What Does a Good IT Manager Look Like?

So let's take a look at what a good IT manager does. Because there are such persons, and they make all the difference between satisfaction and pain, between feelings of accomplishment and feelings of time-killing soul-sucking despair.

More Tales of Terrible IT Managers

Managing IT staff is crucial to the success of any business, and yet tales of abused IT workers and lousy management are legion. In part 2 of this series readers talk back.

It Management Fail: Always Blame the Worker Bees

"Security fail: When trusted IT people go bad" has a great title. Then it's all downhill. I suppose it's appropriate for an audience of managers who want cheerleading for bad management more than good information.

A Look at Ubuntu from the Other Side

Linux was created by geeks, grown and nurtured by geeks, and unless something is done fairly soon to change the presentation and the image, it will remain a system for geeks.

No Linux For TV and Radio

Linux has carved a little slice of success for itself in nearly every industry, with the exception of television and streaming video. Why? Does it matter?

Why Use Linux? Really-- Why?

Every week tech news is full of recycled articles on reasons to use Linux. They don't bring anything new or useful to the discussion-- So what are some real reasons for you to use Linux?

Ubuntu Is Not the Only Linux

To many people, Ubuntu is Linux. Which means that their perception, for good or ill, is determined by Ubuntu. Matt Hartley reminds us there is more to Linux than just Ubuntu.

The Real Future of Linux and FOSS (Is Not Shiny Toys)

Linux is not about shiny toys for cheap or free. It's much more important than that.

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