March 29, 2015

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Dear PJ: Please Don't Quit Groklaw

Novell throws FOSS under the bus to make a deal with Microsoft. Pamela Jones wonders why bother with Groklaw, if helping companies like Novell only leads to getting the shaft yet again?

Top 7 KDE Improvements

KDE4 has come a long way since its bumpy initial releases. Bruce Byfield has some ideas on how it could be even better.

Who Cares if Linux Beats Windows?

Must Linux beat Windows on the desktop? Is dumbing down Linux the price of success? Are they even comparable?

Just What Does Ubuntu Contribute to Free Software?

So exactly what does Ubuntu contribute to free software? The answer, I think, is different from what those in either extreme seem to believe.

Does Linux Need More Central Direction and Less Creativity?

Once again, the seemingly silly question of "Does free software offer too many choices?" pops up. What's the point? Why even ask? Bruce Byfield answers thoughtfully.

The Bully In The Linux Schoolyard

There are many reasons for Linux's roaring success everywhere except the desktop; reasons abound for this, and at least one significant reason is a self-inflicted wound: the Terminal Bully.

Why is Linux Email Stuck in the 90s?

Why aren't open source mailers keeping up with the rest of the Linux desktop, and being blown away by Gmail?

Is Linux Publicity Targeting the Right Market?

Emery Fletcher asks what IS the right market for Linux? The mythical Average User? No way.

Not Having Linux Skills is IT Malpractice

Some things seem so obvious I feel silly even saying them. And this is one of them: any IT staffer who only knows one operating system is not worth hiring.

Is Ubuntu a Free Software Freeloader?

Another geekfights roils the sphere-o-sphere; this time it's accusations that Ubuntu is a glory hound and a code hog. Bruce Byfield peers into the smoke and flames to find out where is the beef.

Living La Vida Linux-- Why?

Why do some people choose to run Linux as their PC platform of choice? Matt Hartley has some answers.

Is Google Chrome Really the Windows Killer, or the Linux Killer?

Since late 2009, talk of how Google's Chrome OS is being positioned to "take on" Microsoft Windows has been promoted by individuals who I believe have no idea what they're talking about.

Eight GNOME Flaws (and How to Fix Them)

The GNOME desktop has a number of issues that need attention as well. Here are eight areas in GNOME that need to be improved for a better user experience.

Whatever the iPad is, it is NOT a Computer

Emery Fletcher doesn't think much of all the overwrought iPad hype, nor the device itself, saying it is not a real computer, but a PAD-- "Passive Amusement Device."

IT Strangled by Overspecialization

What happened to the old "sysadmin" of just a few years ago? We've split what used to be the sysadmin into application teams, server teams, storage teams, and network teams. Now look at what we've done -- knowledge is so decentralized we must invent new roles to act as liaisons between all the IT groups.

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