February 21, 2019

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Is Google Chrome Really the Windows Killer, or the Linux Killer?

Since late 2009, talk of how Google's Chrome OS is being positioned to "take on" Microsoft Windows has been promoted by individuals who I believe have no idea what they're talking about.

Eight GNOME Flaws (and How to Fix Them)

The GNOME desktop has a number of issues that need attention as well. Here are eight areas in GNOME that need to be improved for a better user experience.

Whatever the iPad is, it is NOT a Computer

Emery Fletcher doesn't think much of all the overwrought iPad hype, nor the device itself, saying it is not a real computer, but a PAD-- "Passive Amusement Device."

IT Strangled by Overspecialization

What happened to the old "sysadmin" of just a few years ago? We've split what used to be the sysadmin into application teams, server teams, storage teams, and network teams. Now look at what we've done -- knowledge is so decentralized we must invent new roles to act as liaisons between all the IT groups.

Get Off IBM's Back Already!

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explains why he thinks the recent attacks on IBM patent use by some in the open-source community are way out of line.

Diary Of A Linux Newbie: The First Year

In which an anti-Linux FUD article in a magazine backfires, and turns Emery Fletcher into an "unabashed Linux fan."

PJ and Groklaw: The Power of One Person and an Open Community

What would have happened if Pamela Jones and Groklaw had not taken an interest in this case? Would there have been any semblance of truth anywhere? I think not.

Open Firefox vs. Closed Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 is now out for developers to try out and test -- well kinda/sorta. Is it really a Web browser?

Will Going Private Save Novell?

Institutional stock holder/Hedge Fund Elliot Associates wants to buy Novell and take it private. Sean Michael Kerner thinks this is a good idea, and a good deal for Novell.

Is Microsoft the New Old IBM: a Ponderous Innot-vator?

Emery Fletcher wonders if Microsoft has not emulated the IBM of old a bit too well, becoming a slow, bloated engine of intimidation, rather than a lean mean innovator.

Seeking the One True Linux: Is Linux Distro-hopping a Thing of the Past?

Distro-hopping is easy and fun. Linux users distro-hop to solve problems and to try new software. But is it necessary? Haven't most Linux distributions reached a state of polish that makes distro-hopping unnecessary? Brian Proffitt wonders if distro-hopping shouldn't be discouraged.

Will MeeGo Save Maemo?

The pairing of Nokia's Maemo with Intel's Moblin was a bit surprising at first, but in many ways it makes sense. Because Nokia's Maemo Linux platform was going nowhere fast.

Computing, Even in Linux, is All About Failure

Hardware failures, power failures, and most of all, storage media failures. Ever notice how fragile digital storage media are? Are we ever going to get digital storage media that can match plain old paper, and other analog media, for reliability and longevity?

Goofy Pro-Linux Story to Counter Pundit's Awkward Efforts to Install Firefox

Emery Fletcher muses on how a rank Linux beginner can figure out how to install the latest Firefox release, even when professional tech journalists can't.

Will Linux Really Save the World?

I don't believe it is exaggerating to say that Linux/FOSS is all that stands between technology tyranny, corporate tyranny, and the hope of something better.

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