September 18, 2018

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When Will PCs Be Powerful Enough?

Since the advent of personal computers, we have been on a never-ending upgrade path to get better performance. Now even our low-end PCs are powerhouses, but we're still not there. Will we ever get there?

Nine Open Source Predictions for 2010

Bruce Byfield, avoiding a look back at his last years' predictions, looks ahead and makes nine specific predictions about what to expect in 2010.

The Learned Helplessness of Windows

How much of the market dominance of Windows over Linux is due to people who either cannot or do not want to use pliers, who are afraid that any attempt to alter their machine is doomed to failure?

Open Source Projects and the Meritocracy Myth

Despite the beloved, oft-stated myth of the meritocracy, open source projects aren't always led by the people who are most able.

Linux Documentation From A User's Viewpoint

Linux newbie and excellent writer Emery Fletcher weighs in on the subject of documentation for Linux users, and why it is a good thing.

Linux Bug #1: Bad Documentation

The Internet and Google enable laziness in FOSS development because they make it too easy to abdicate the job of proper documentation to "The community." Telling users and potential contributors to use Google, mailing lists, and forums is not documentation.

Why 'Free as in Freedom' is More Important Than Ever for Linux Users

Bruce Byfield wonders why isn't "free as in freedom" more important to more Linux users? Is it all about free as in free of cost, or "free as in freeloader"?

Darl Is Out, Farewell Master Gamer

Darl McBride, to the glee of many, is out of a job. I think this signals the real end of all The SCO Group litigation, because I think Mr. McBride was hired specifically to litigate rather than run a software company.

De-Programming Windows Refugees

Linux is the easiest of all operating systems to use, and yet the complaints about how it is too hard are louder than ever. What the heck is going on?

Sexism is Alive and Well in Linux/FOSS

The official mythology of FOSS states that it is a meritocracy, and that only the code matters. The reality is not nearly so happy. On September 19th, the GNOME Foundation and the Free Software Foundation will host a mini-summit on women in FOSS. Will it do any good? How much of a problem is it really?

Is Novell Selling FUD or Linux?

Companies with inferior products are often tempted to create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Paul Rubens wonder if Novell's FUD campaign a sign of a company that is afraid of the truth.

Why Are Computer Hardware Vendors Such Snoopy Control-Freak Weirdos?

You think you own your stuff that you paid your own money for? The Sony PS3, the XBox, the Palm Pre? Think again---these titans of tech are not selling products...

The Curse of the Living Windows

In which Emery Fletcher discovers that getting online with Linux means missing out on a host of "benefits" offered only to Windows users.

Forget Linux, We Need Fisher-Price Computers

There is a persistent and annoying myth that nobody should have to bother with learning to use a computer competently, but rather should wait until that far-off day when computers are perfect and effortless, and even dead people can use them. Your editor has a bit of fun and shoots this down.

Linux and Free/Open Source Software: Why Code For Free? (part 1)

How can anyone make a living writing Free software? Why should a coder work for free? These questions, and others, are answered in this two-part series. Today we learn why Free and Open Source software are very important even to end users who are not coders.

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