April 21, 2019

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Aims For Government-Ready Security

Red Hat's new enterprise Linux 6 isn't just about faster performance and scalability; it's also loaded with new security tech such as the sVirt API and 4096-bit RSA, and it's on-target for Common Criteria Certification.

6 Secure Linux Wi-Fi Authentication Servers

All of your wi-fi Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) needs can be met on a Linux; Eric Geier rounds up six excellent Free/Open Source RADIUS servers for Linux.

ZaReason CEO: Better Hardware = Better User Experience

Cathy Malmrose, CEO of the independent Linux vendor ZaReason, Inc., applied for a keynote speaker slot at the upcoming FOSDEM conference, on how computer vendors can showcase the power of Linux by using better hardware.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Officially Released

Three years after its last major enterprise update, Red Hat aims for the next generation of virtualization and cloud with new platform.

20 Desktop Linux Fixes

A hardware compatibility checker, more emphasis on the casual user, less politics, monetize it, more data sync-- Matt Hartley has 20 ideas on improving the Linux desktop.

What's Next for Ubuntu?

Where will Ubuntu be in 5 years? Is the future of Ubuntu with Open Core? Mark Shuttleworth tells all.

Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 -- Quirky and Simpler

Every netbook Linux distro makes the assumption that users want a simpler, lighter desktop for light work and social networking. But what about functionality and usability?

Linux Kernel 2.6.36 Gets AppArmor

The newest Linux kernel gains additional security tech with the formal debut of AppArmor. After years of being outside of the mainline, the AppArmor security system is now finally part of the main Linux kernel.

Wind River Advances Embedded Linux

The new Wind River Linux 4.0 release integrates advanced real-time, carrier-grade and virtualization capabilities, but they still see a need for their own proprietary VxWorks.

Good-bye Windows, Enterprise Linux is Taking Off

Linux has always been strong in the server room and datacenter, and according to a new survey it is poised for significant uptake in the enterprise, including Windows to Linux migrations.

Today is Binary Day!

Today is 10/11/10 on the US calendar, mm/dd/yy. Happy binary day!

The Upcoming Linux Boom: 20 Reasons Why

In this article, Matt Hartley shares twenty reasons why he believes we will see Linux booming in a post-recession world.

Maverick Meerkat's Personal Cloud for Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows

Ubuntu One already has 500,000 users, has native Windows, Android, and iPhone clients, offers an improved Software Center, and claims 12 million users.

4 Open and Free Disk and NAS Encryption Projects

As usual, the Free/Open Source software world provides the best security utilities for Windows, and for Linux and Mac as well. Eric Geier rounds up four encryption utilities for both local and network storage.

5 Pros and 5 Cons of NoSQL Databases

There is a new database in town, the NoSQL non-relational distributed database. The town is pretty new as well; learn the pros and cons of this new database and how it meets modern needs.

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