April 23, 2019

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Will Gnome 3.0 Please Users?

Gnome 3.0 brings new levels of integration and ease of use to the Linux desktop. But it also brings a lot of changes-- will it be welcomed or resisted?

Spicy Fedora 14 Adds New Linux Flavor

Fedora 14 beta focuses on plumbing more than pretty, with improvements in virtualization, Perl, and Python, and continuing on its own track independently of RHEL 6.

A Big Bag of 60 Great Open Source Development Tools

If you're looking for good open source developer tools, you literally have thousands to choose from. So Cynthia Harvey focuses on 60 of the best.

6 Open Source Projects for 802.1X Network Authentication

The 802.1X authentication protocol is crucial for securing Wi-Fi business networks. Eric Geier rounds up six powerful open source 802.1X implementations for your business network.

A Roundup of Geeky, Useful, and Fun Android Apps

The Linux-based Android mobile platform is exploding, with thousands of tasty apps to choose from. Juliet Kemp shares a few of her favorites, from secure remote administration to eBooks to file managers and more.

How Ubuntu is Made

Canonical CTO Matt Zimmerman gives an inside look at how he works with Ubuntu's engineering teams and the upstream community.

4 Linux and BSD Firewall/Router Projects

Both Linux and FreeBSD are built on strong networking stacks, and both make first-rate firewalls and routers. Many commercial products are based on these. Eric Geier rounds up four firewall/router projects for our perusal.

Ohio LinuxFest Proves Real FOSS Diversity

The 2010 Ohio LinuxFest organizers demonstrate that finding more women speakers and presenters isn't all that hard, and that real diversity in FOSS is more than just a word.

How Well-Supported is Your Operating System?

Many of the major Unix, Windows and Linux operating system vendors offer 10-year support lifespans-- with one conspicuous exception.

Next Generation of Btrfs Linux Filesystem Nears Prime Time

Is Btrfs a better filesystem for Linux? Project founder Chris Mason explains what's right and what's still missing.

Linux Users Face Risk From Kernel Vulnerability

A critical, years-old flaw is found and patched in the main Linux kernel. But all distros have yet to follow suit.

KDE 4.5 Improves in Dozens of Small and Satisfying Ways

At last, the breakneck torrent of changes and improvements has slowed, and KDE 4 is settling into a quieter groove. Bruce Byfield examines this latest new KDE release.

5 Free or Open NAS Servers

When the simple file and printer sharing features offered by Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac aren't enough, you should consider using a network-attached storage (NAS) server.

Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Meerkat Poised to Get 'Touchy'

The new multi-touch UTouch framework finds a home in Ubuntu's upcoming Maverick Meerkat release. Will it usher in a new era of Linux user experience?

LinuxCon: What Is the Future of Linux Development?

Top Linux kernel developers detail what's next for Linux, and why the bar has been raised to become a kernel contributor.

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