December 22, 2014

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Linux Foundation Helps Vendors Comply with FOSS Licenses

The Linux Foundation today announced a new compliance program, including tools and resources for open source licensing, to make it easier for enterprises to adopt open source while remaining in compliance with legal licenses.

The GPL Wins Again

Free software license backers win key legal victory against consumer electronics vendor, with 13 other vendors set to fall in line for compliance.

Spicebird: A Modern Thunderbird Remix

Take Thunderbird, mix liberally with calendaring, instant messaging, and release it on Linux and Windows. What do you get? Spicebird, a Thunderbird remix that brings the creaking mail client up to date for today's users.

What Linux Hardware Upgrades Make Sense?

Hardware upgrades are easier than ever, with enticing new options like solid state drives and multi-core CPUs. What upgrades make sense for your Linux system?

Linux 2.6.35 Includes Speedy Google Code, Less Bloat

Another day, another kernel release, and this one incorporates new performance-enhancing code from Google. There is also less bloat and less cruft, and many other goodies.

Can Forking KDE3 Succeed?

Fans of KDE3 refuse to give up and will not let it die. Timothy Pearson talks about his KDE3 fork, Trinity, and its chances for success.

Battle of the Amarok Forks: Amarok vs. Clementine

The recent history of the Amarok music player is like a scaled-down version of KDE's recent past. Like KDE 4, the Amarok 2 series was greeted with a user revolt, and a fork: Clementine.

75 Fun Open Source Downloads

It's summer. It's time to play. Need something to do? Try Cynthia Harvey's collections of 75 open-source games and fun time-wasters!

Facebook is Linux-Powered

During a keynote session at the OSCON open source conference, David Recordon, the senior open programs manager at Facebook, detailed the LAMP infrastructure in use today at Facebook.

Linux Syncs Great With Droids

Traditional mobile phone carriers love to play games with syncing phones to PCs. But it's a new game now with Android---There are many ways to sync your Droid phone with your Linux PC, all easy and using standard Linux applications. Paul Ferrill shows us how.

Linux Command Line vs. Graphical Interface

In the Linux desktop world, the graphical user interface is here to stay. Without all the efforts poured into GNOME, KDE, Xfce and others, Linux would not be as successful as it is today. Still, the command line continues to have distinct advantages over the desktop. Bruce Byfield sorts out the perennial CLI vs. graphical interface battle.

7 Labors of the Linux Desktop

Even as the Linux desktop has grown to equal Windows and Mac OS, a number of issue continue to challenge it.

5 Open and Free Help Desk Ticketing Systems

It is pretty much impossible to manage a help desk without some kind of help desk tracking system. Eric Geier rounds a sampling of five of the best Free/Open source help desk software systems.

Linux Like Legos: Inside Novell's New openSUSE Build Service 2.0

How is a Linux distribution put together? For Novell's openSUSE, it starts with its newly improved Build Service 2.0.

Firefox's Brilliant New Feature

Firefox 4 is set to get an amazing, brilliant new feature that will change the way users think about browser tabs.

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