January 17, 2019

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5 Open and Free Help Desk Ticketing Systems

It is pretty much impossible to manage a help desk without some kind of help desk tracking system. Eric Geier rounds a sampling of five of the best Free/Open source help desk software systems.

Linux Like Legos: Inside Novell's New openSUSE Build Service 2.0

How is a Linux distribution put together? For Novell's openSUSE, it starts with its newly improved Build Service 2.0.

Firefox's Brilliant New Feature

Firefox 4 is set to get an amazing, brilliant new feature that will change the way users think about browser tabs.

Unstoppable Ubuntu Tackles the Enterprise

Ubuntu's next move is the enterprise desktop and server. Red Hat and Novell SUSE are the entrenched players...but perhaps they have left a big opening for Ubuntu to march through.

7 Reasons to Use the Opera Web Browser on Linux

The Opera web browser runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and on mobile phones and mobile devices. Yes, its closed source, but it's free and packed with some great features. Eric Geier rounds up seven of them.

Living Dead KDE3, the Trinity Tales

They keep trying to kill KDE3, but it refuses to die. Timothy Pearson's "Trinity KDE3" project revives KDE3.5. Or is it merely a zombie on borrowed time?

Debian vs. Ubuntu: What's the Difference?

Is Ubuntu just training wheels for Debian? Is Debian just for experts? Bruce Byfield compares the parent to the child.

Red Hat Continues to Grow and Make Money

Red Hat Linux continues to grow and make money the old-fashioned way, proving that an open-source company can be successful.

50 Great Open Source Apps for Education

Cythna Harvey has collected 50 educational apps from a variety of categories that can replace popular commercial software. In many cases, the open source options listed here offer features that aren't matched by their closed source counterparts.

Latest KDE Release Marks a New Beginning

Sooner or later, the moment had to come when the breakneck pace of KDE4 development slowed -- and, judging from the second beta, that moment is the upcoming 4.5 release.

8 Linux-based Live CD/DVD and USB Distros For All Occasions

You're probabably familiar with the Ubuntu LiveCD, which lets you run Ubuntu on any PC without installing it. Did you know there are dozens, maybe hundreds of other Linux LiveCD/DVD/USB distributions? Everything from desktops and servers to routers to troubleshooting to security to multimedia, and many more. Eric Geier rounds up eight for us to look at.

The Spirit of Ubuntu

An elderly retired gentleman in declining health and bored with life awakens to a new interest in life when he discovers Ubuntu Linux.

Ruby on Rails 3---Are We There Yet?

At the end of 2008, the open source Ruby on Rails and Merb Ruby frameworks merged together in an effort to unify development of Ruby on Rails 3. 18 months later where is it?

KDE3 vs. KDE4: Is It Time to Switch?

Two and a half years after the KDE 4 series of releases began, many users are still using KDE 3. How do the two series of KDE releases compare? The answer is not nearly as simple as you might assume.

Top Enterprise Linux Vendors

There are several major companies that are readily identifiable as the biggest corporate sponsors of Linux, who market Linux most directly to enterprises, and who are in many people�s minds synonymous with Linux in both the server and desktop markets.

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